Do you have One-on-Ones with your boss?

Are they helping you to:

  • Progress in your career (and earnings),
  • Get recognition for your work,
  • Grow and learn new things and, 
  • Build a fantastic working relationship with your boss?

If not, you’re missing out and I’d like to invite you to find out how to do that with a free mini-course: One-on-One Meetings With Your Boss (Includes a 1-2-1 worksheet plus best practice manage your boss tips). Ever asked yourself, "How do I manage my boss?" Regular one on one meetings with your boss are the key. 

Taking Control of Your Most Important Work Relationship

The thing is that your relationship with your boss is the most important work relationship that you have. Because it's this relationship that determines:

  • What work you do,
  • Your career progression,
  • Your increases and bonuses
  • But ultimately your work happiness too.

Because if you have a bad relationship or communications with your boss, you are going to hate your job.

The great news is that you don’t have to wait for your boss to be better at communicating with you because you can take responsibility for having better communications with your boss. And this is how:

How to Get What You Want From Work

What I’m going to share with you is a little best practice garnered from the experts. I used to get this stuff wrong because no one showed me how. But you’ll see how it makes perfect sense and is really easy to do.

If you’re anything like most people then I bet that what you want to get from work includes:

  • Growing and learning new things,
  • Security in your job,
  • Doing meaningful work,
  • A good working relationship with your boss and
  • Having your contribution appreciated,

Not to mention to financial recognition with better bonuses, promotions and increases.

But I know that the reality is that far too few employees get this from their work. But with a little smart positioning you can use your One-on-Ones with your boss to make these happen. It’s as simple as making sure that you cover the right agenda in the right way.

So I bet that you already know some of this stuff but what I’ve got for you is a bunch of best practice and tips to get the most out of your one on one meetings with your boss. And you can register for these free bitesize lessons in this one-on-ones mini-course .

P.S. Whether you’ve done hundreds or just a few, don’t do another one on one meeting with your boss until you’ve tried it.

Don't Make the Same Mistakes I Did

A big reason I created Manager Foundation is because no one showed me how to do this stuff. I made the mistake working too hard without commensurate results. I’m smart and well educated but I had some massive blind spots.

One of my favorite things is that this mini-course shows you how to get results with less work. I can guarantee you that your boss has got different priorities to you, which means you’re working on the wrong things. Use this One-on-One technique to align priorities and get recognition for the work you’ve done and you’ll have a happier boss with less work.

What to do if your Boss Doesn’t Have One-on-One Meetings With You:

Hopefully you’re fortunate enough to have a boss who understands how effective a good One-on-One meeting is. Because the bosses who know how to run an effective One-on-One meeting are the bosses that never miss them. But I know from personal and client experience that these meetings are neglected instead of perfected.

The bad new is that you can’t force your boss to have them. So if you have one of those bosses who is guilty of employee neglect then please leave a comment below and ask for some tips about what you can do about it.

PS: If you’re working on becoming a better boss yourself have a look at the complimentary course for bosses , which includes a best practice 1-2-1 worksheet.


Do you have any questions, comments or tips about how to manage your boss or about having one-on-ones with your boss? Do you have any good manage your boss tips? Please help the rest of us out by sharing in the comments below.

Boss Camp

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