Remember my story about hiring Norman the sales guru? I’m amazed at how he can generate rapport with an absolute stranger. If sales were my job, I’d be doing anything to avoid making a sales call. But Norman’s not so good at spreadsheets and I can totally beat him on a spreadsheet – yeah baby!

The Truth Behind What is the Right Person for the Job

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It’s no breaking news that it’s best to get the right person for the job but what a lot of people don’t realize is that there is something more fundamental happening. 

On the surface you could just say that Norman is good at sales and I am good at spreadsheets. But the reason that Norman is good at sales is because Norman likes doing sales. And the reason that Norman likes doing sales is because of his behavior profile (some people call this his personality profile). You see the things that make sales difficult are actually the sorts of things that motivate Norman because of his natural behavior profile.

Get the Right Candidate with Science

The beauty of this is that you can define what behavior profile is right for the job. And then you can do a scientifically validated test to make sure that your job candidate is compatible with the job. And you don’t have to be a psychologist to do this if you use a simple tool like I will show you. Of course the warning label on this process advises that this is only one part of assessing job candidates. This supplements, not replaces behavior interviewing and other recruitment processes.

Managing Made Easy

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The benefit of getting a candidate who is well matched to the job is that they will be intrinsically motivated to do a good job. This makes your job as a manager easier. If you hired Norman to do spreadsheets you would have a difficult time as his manager!

If you are working hard to cover up employee performance shortfalls  often the root cause is because the wrong people were hired to your team. Managing people is frustrating and few bosses get training on hiring. That's why I've made the program. It shows you how to improve employee performance in just an hour a week, including how to hire employees who are a good job fit.

Next Steps

The process to make a job profile is to answer a few questions. It’s very similar to doing an online personality test if you’ve ever done one of those. This isn’t something I provide myself – I use an external expert service provider. There are many service providers. Some are good and some are less good. Note that this is a paid for service. I’ve validated a service provider and negotiated bulk purchase pricing to get you the best deal.

To find out how job profiling can improve the quality of your hires see the website here. 


Do you have any comments, tips or suggestions about job profiling and using it to improve the quality of new hires? Help the rest of us out by sharing in the comments below.

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