Keep Calm and Give Feedback

Keep Calm...

The Keep Calm meme is very appropriate when things go wrong. As managers we are often faced with those head-scratching moments of divine(!) staff performance that provoke a WTF?! response. But the reality is that getting upset in any way is not going to fix the situation. Getting upset results in conflict and stress, not solutions. When something goes wrong, the best method you have of fixing it is simply to keep calm and give your staff performance feedback.

Another reason why I think the Keep Calm meme is so appropriate for giving performance feedback is that performance communication is so much more effective when you give it in a calm manner:

If you give your employees performance communication when you are upset then the focus isn't on the message, the message is lost because the fact that you are upset is more prominent. Just think what happens when someone shouts at you: Do you carefully listen to the words that they are saying or do you do one of the following:

    • Go into defensive mode
    • Go into attack mode
    • Go into avoidance mode

    In other words did the shouter get their message across or not? 

    Giving performance feedback is already stressful enough for both the giver and the receiver - let's face it, no-one likes being told what they are doing wrong. As soon as you start giving an employee feedback and they perceive that you are upset, the effectiveness of your message is diminished.

    So when things go wrong, Keep Calm and Give Your Staff Inspiring Performance Feedback!

    Tip: Weekly one-on-one meetings with your staff create the perfect forum to give Inspiring Performance Feedback. Download your free one-on-one form here to find out how to plan your feedback.


    What performance issues have you given your staff feedback about? What did you say and how did it work? Help the rest of us out by sharing in the comments below.

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