Keep Calm and Delegate

Struggling With a Heavy Workload?

We all know that feeling of thinking that we are drowning in a huge workload. Well the good news is that organizations were designed because no single man (or multi-tasking woman) can do everything on their own.

Keep Calm and delegate

I like the Keep Calm meme that has taken the internet by storm and I think that effectively delegating your massive workload is truly the best method to keep calm and carry on...

Of course staying calm during a delegation is another matter altogether and requires: 

  1. Delegating the right things to the right people in the right way
  2. Avoiding reverse delegation
  3. Recruitment processes that give you good people to delegate to
  4. Active development of employee skills to enable employees to grow into their new responsibilities

Remember you can't do it all and holding on to work because "you are the only person that can do it right" is the path away from calm. 

So if you are feeling panicky because you feel like you will never finish everything on your plate and each day you get more and more behind, Keep Calm and Delegate.

Tip: Weekly one-on-one meetings with your staff create the ideal forum to delegate tasks to them. Download your free one-on-one form here to find out how start planning your delegations.


What are your secrets to effective delegation? Please share with us in the comments...

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