Why Your Employees Don't Respect Your Authority

Where True Boss Power Comes From

Boss Power Versus Authority Image

Typically we think of organizations as hierarchical structures. You do what your boss says and your employees do what you say. Well at least in theory but, people don’t like being told what to do. As a boss you’re the poor guy or gal who’s responsible for your employees output. But your formal role power is not going to get your employees to produce great work.

Being a boss requires knowing how to develop and use your own personal power. I’m going to share what makes some great leaders like Clinton and O’Bama so powerful and what you can do to copy this.

See the video here (watching time under 5 minutes): http://managerfoundation.com/boss-power-vs-authority-part-one-authority

A stronger form of power is your own personal power.

The Source of Personal Power

Personal power can come from three different areas:

  1. Expertise Power
  2. Relationship Power
  3. Communication Power

Boss Camp

As a manager you can get upset when your employees do something wrong, you can get annoyed that they don’t do what you ask. In short you can be the chocolate teapot boss. Or you can learn how to be a boss, like a boss at www.boss.camp. The program includes topics such as:

  • How to hire for performance,

  • How to motivate employees

  • What are bad employee motivators,

  • What you must do as a manager but isn't on your job description,

  • How leaders get power.