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Are your employees under performing?

How do you improve employee performance? The first step in any change is assessing the status quo. If you are concerned that your employees

  • Might be under performing,
  • Are not engaged,
  • Don’t take ownership,
  • Are lacking initiative etc.

Then you can use this employee performance evaluation to find out.

Reasons to do an evaluation include:

  • Identifying whether or not there is an employee performance problem

  • Identifying specific problems and prioritising focus areas

  • Establishing a baseline to set goals and measure improvement against

To help managers I’ve made an evaluation based on the most common sort of problems that managers typically face. The questionnaire will also assist to identify the impact of those issues. This is a free service.

Boss Camp

When your people perform anything is possible. Being a boss is great, your staff will like and respect you. And your career will fly. But when they don’t you’ll be the one stuck in the office on the weekends. WWW.BOSS.CAMP will show you how to be a boss like a boss. The program includes topics such as:

  • How to motivate employees,
  • What are bad employee motivators,
  • What you must do as a manager but isn't on your job description,
  • How leaders get power.