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Hiring the right employee is the single most important thing for a manager to get right.


But the hiring process gives us very little information to make such an important commitment. Plus managers do hiring relatively infrequently and so don't get to practice this important skill.

The combination of difficulty, importance and lack of practice creates the conditions for a perfect storm. And hiring the wrong person is very a costly and time consuming mistake. On the other hand hiring the right person can make a world of difference.

That's why I've made the program. It shows the everyday manager like you and me what they didn't teach you in school about managing employees, including how to hire the best person for the job.

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The Hiring and Interviewing Series

This is part of the Interviewing and Hiring Series. This series covers how managers can increase employee performance through hiring better employees. And how managers can avoid common hiring mistakes.

Topics in the Series Include:

Other Relevant Resources:

Power Interview Pack: The complete set of interview questions to get the best candidate for the job. Increase employee performance through hiring the best staff and avoiding bad hires. Link here. 

Hiring for Performance: How to hire the best employees and improve employee performance, engagement and retention. Link here.  

Employee Onboarding for Performance: If employee onboarding goes wrong, your new hire may leave you in the lurch or become a demotivated low performer. But motivate and integrate your new hire well and you will have a happy, productive team member. Link here.

Boss Camp

People are incredibly resourceful, we can do almost anything that we set our minds to from going to the bottom of the ocean to putting a man on the moon. So think about the problems you have at work with customers, products, costs, competition, technology etc. You can’t solve every problem on your own but I believe that a sufficiently motivated workforce can solve every problem. this is why WWW.BOSS.CAMP will show you the secrets behind employee selection, motivation and retention. The program includes topics such as:

  • How to hire for performance,
  • How to motivate employees,
  • What are bad employee motivators,
  • What you must do as a manager but isn't on your job description,
  • How leaders get power.