I'm pleased to announce that another world class business coach Chris Dyson has joined the Manager Foundation team. Chris can help you with your staff performance problems and show you how to "Make Managing Easy". This is for those of you that prefer having a live business coach rather than following the self-guided material.

Whatever management problem you are facing Chris has probably encountered something similar in his 15+ years coaching experience. He works with people within organisations. Chris isn't just a coach talking about hypothetical situations that he hasn't experienced because his career background is in practical operational management as a General Manager, Board Director and Managing Director.

You can read more about his profile and how he can help you on the Team page.

How Chris and Manager Foundation Come Together to Help You:

The Mission of Manager Foundation is to:

Chris Dyson Experienced Business Coach

Chris Dyson Experienced Business Coach

  1. Make the lives of managers like you easier by helping you to manage employees in an easy, non-confrontational and time-efficient manner;
  2. In a way that makes the workplace a much more enjoyable and satisfying place for employees and;
  3. Results in improved organisation profitability through increased productivity.

And we do this by supplying you with:

  1. Free content in the blogs, on the email newsletter and help in the forum;
  2. Free work resources such as powerpoint templates, downloadable guides
  3. Paid for online guides which detail the practical "How to" and assist with change management to improve implementation success

The vision was always to make this as accessible as possible to people like you that can benefit from effective management techniques. By accessible this means accessible in terms of price and geography. Therefore the focus has been on written content in step by step guides that you can follow by yourself.

Therefore the material has been specifically designed to be self-led. In fact I prefer to think of it not as training material but a guide to a management system that tells you exactly what to do and say.

However I realize that many people prefer to have a human coach to show and assist them through the process. And it can be hugely beneficial to have a real person to explain techniques to you, show you how to adapt techniques to your individual scenarios and to be available to answer your questions. And if this is a more effective way for you to put these management techniques into practice then I'm glad to have this option available. 

Therefore I have found some of the best, most experienced business coaches to provide this live assistance. It's a best of both worlds where the proven techniques from Manager Foundation combine with business coaches who are experienced at helping managers achieve new performance levels, progress their careers and solve their problems.

Coaching time can be purchase as a product on the training page.

Please let us know how you feel about this and if there are any other products you would like.