Want a better work life? Change comes from within because only you have the power to change.

How to Develop Yourself

Self leadership starts with investing in yourself. Find out how to set yourself up for success and get your training funded.

Manage Your Mindset

Are you stuck in a mindset that is creating your own problems? Find out how to manage your mindset so that your mindset doesn't manage you.

Manage Others

Managing is difficult because people don’t like being told what to do. People are unique and complex - what works for one person doesn't work for others. 

What's Your Boss SuperPower?

And what works for one boss doesn't work for another. Don't follow someone else's advice - start with finding out what your Boss SuperPower is with this fun but informative quiz.

Try Boss Camp

Done Boss Camp yet? Essential for new managers, helpful for experienced managers Boss Camp is about creating a better workplace in just an hour a week. Find out how to select, motivate and retain employees without money.

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Manage your career

No one is going to manage your career but yourself.

Managing Upwards:

Manage your relationship with your boss for a better work life or to get you that promotion. Don't leave your work success and happiness in someone else's hands. Find out how to use your One on One Meeting with Your Boss to get what you want.

Get the job you want

Take control of getting the job you want
with resume reviews, interview coaching etc. Start by getting your interview checklist here


People, people, people. As Richard Branson says the three most important things for success are people.

And it is your managers who are in charge of this important company resource. So ask yourself two important questions: Can you be sure that your managers:

  1. Have the necessary skills and;
  2. Are doing what they need to, to get performance from their staff.

We provide assessment, targeted solutions and assurance on success.  

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